Monday, August 11, 2008

harvest mp3.

harvest- go down, matthew mp3

as old as i'm getting, i'm still a little too 'punk' to listen to too much classic rock. the whole repackaging of the baby boomer generation's idea of their youth as 'the ultimate youth' to their own kids (the deification of jimi hendrix, and fucking woodstock, ect.), still comes across as essentially retarded to me. that being said, for the past few years, i've been listening to a few of the more popular singer/songwriters from the 60s and 70s. kris kristofferson, gordon lightfoot and neil young all put out some good stuff. all three of them sort of co-opted an old, folk/ country, troubadour persona (while being essentially hippies in their 20s and 30s) and wrote songs about roaming around a once free, but now corrupted and dying u.s. so, yeah, they were re-writing on the road and faulkner, and 600,000 other authors and country singers before them, but the songs still have the 1970s sort of all over them. especially neil young. while his persona (and public perception) is country singer/ hippy cowboy, his albums steal from a whole bunch of different musical genres. on just his first few albums he has folk, pop ballads, doo-wop, 50s-esque pop music, 11 minute, feedback drenched rock songs, ect. there's a lot of different neil youngs you can listen to.

so young's harvest is actually a really good album. though it's not the greatest album ever made. and it's probably not even as good as the sunset rubdown album that came out last year.


Tinyfolk said...

i actually am a lot more into the less-than-hip stuff that came out during the 70s. I'm pretty fond of Neil Diamond and Bread and America and Chicago and Blood Sweat and Tears. Harvest is a good album, excluding dumb mysogynist shit like A Man Needs a Maid. I think I like any Unbunny album better than Harvest, though.

pete. said...

i love chicago.
the thing that's amazing to me about neil diamond that people don't seem to bring up that much is that the guy invented his own style of music and it was still insanely successful. all of his songs are this weird mix of mariachi/lounge/piano ballad/pop/arena rock/folk music, but it all sounds totally natural and normal.
and he's the jewish elvis.