Monday, September 29, 2008

a couple of drawings.

the one on top is probably going to be the cover for my comic that i hope to have finished and printed soon. in my dreams it's done before december, though in my dreams i also fly, turn my face inside out, draw really fast, and my dog talks. and sometimes my mom is a zombie.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

they always win mp3.

they always win mp3 - go down, matthew

i found my old fender guitar in my mom's house over the weekend and brought it home and re-strung it. now hopefully i can rock with the power of my 12 year old self.

in other news i realized moments ago that 20% of my toiletries are named something-XTREME. i can't really claim any of them live or don't live up to this name because i'm having trouble, right now, imagining exactly how XTREME deodorant or disposable razors can actually get.

Monday, September 22, 2008

dreams drawing.

ignoring the slight, almost-controversy i (kind of) inadvertently created about it on flickr; i have this drawing in the newest issue of atypica magazine.

thirsty horse photos.

thirsy horse.

Friday, September 19, 2008

my final crisis.

(i was bored and tired this morning.)

It's been a while since i read superhero comics with any sort of regularity. i vaguely remember a few years ago, when i first discovered midtown comics' web subscription service, i was reading some of the ultimate books from marvel, but once i had less disposable income, that didn't last long. while i was living in brooklyn, last year, i found a couple of comic/junk stores (time machine, a store called junk) that sold really cheap (sometimes free) comics from the 90s. the most i got out of this (besides knowledge about the inner workings of ghost rider's life, which i'm sure will be useful someday) was the sort of sad thought that mainstream books in the 90s may have looked better than most superhero books do now. something that if you had you told me it in the 90s, you would have been met with shocked disbelief as i thought the artwork was beyond terrible then.

when i went to a comic store with new releases i mostly bought whatever not-superhero stuff i actually read and enjoy. i still bought/buy godland whenever i see it though, and i realized the other day that, surprisingly i own and have read every issue of all star superman (a comic that comes out once every 8 months is sort of the perfect schedule for me). i didn't even really look at most of marvel and dc's output though. i feel sometimes that just reading about those comics on the internet is more entertaining than reading the thing itself. in my mind world war hulk was a bunch of dudes getting mad at iron man on a message board.

one of the first things i did when i moved to new jersey in february was try to find a local comic store. i am still only a 20 minute or so bus ride from the 4000 comic stores in the city, and even closer to the stores on the internet, but i wanted to find something i could walk to. i didn't see any. the weird thing about my suburban town though, as compared to new york, is that every convenience store carries mainstream comics on their magazine rack. even the local supermarket has spider-man. i started picking up random issues of x men, batman, and whatever else happened to be around.

i was never really into to x men comics, even as a kid, and after a few months of reading them, even less so now. it took me about 6 issues of a few x men titles to realize every x men comic is exactly the same and will be forever. batman too pretty much. i didn't read dc comics at all in my life, really. most of what i know about them i've also gleaned from online sources. i am, however, enjoying the batman rip story line. i like grant morrison most of the time and batman being fed a bunch of drugs and realizing he's a comic book character while arguing with bat mite is a plot i don't mind reading at all. i have no idea what's going on through most of it, but unlike a lot of the internet, i don't really care. i have no clue who the joker looking dude with the ceaser crown is, but i know he's bad and batman doesn't like him. that's more that enough information for me.

i also discovered last week that they sell pamphlet comics in borders book store too. i decided to pick up the 3rd issue of final crisis. i don't think i've ever read superhero crossovers (i did read seven soldiers a couple of years ago though) and everything i've read about final crisis online has been sort of negative. and by 'sort of negative' i mean people are drowning in their own tears and disrespecting their senior citizen mothers because of what's happening in the book. they're also talking about the flash a lot. my knowledge of the flash is essentially that he can run fast and he has a nice logo. anyway, i read the comic myself and pretty much loved it. for these reasons:

-there are dudes dressed as knights that ride giant dalmatians.
-what i left out of all the lengthy bullshit up there is that i have read jack kirby's new god run around 400,000 times. i somehow missed in my message board reading that this whole thing centers around those characters.
-knight dudes on giant dalmatians.
-there's a part where old flash is hanging out and young flash appears and yells 'run' and they start running through time to try to stop a time travelling, god bullet or something. stuff like that (and the giant dalmatians) is why i like comics to begin with.
- the art is nice, especially after reading all those weird, photoshop, x men comics.
- there's these sort of japanese hipster forever people. the original, hippy, forever people were kirby trying to (and failing) to be hip, so it's kind of funny to me that they're doing sort of the same thing here but modernized.

there's stuff i don't like; superman is crying about something, and, i've seen maybe 2 other green lantern stories in my life and he's seemingly always on space trial, but the scenes change pretty much every two pages so it's easily ignored. and like i said about batman, some of it i don't understand, and i don't know some of the characters, but i can sort of figure most of it out. i also don't really remember the original crisis as it's been maybe 20 years since i read it, so i don't even know if this is referencing that at all (i remember the plot lines revolving around it in swamp thing and animal man better). i guess essentially and uselessly what i'm trying to say is the internet needlessly complains a lot.

anyway, i don't work and i'm poor, so i read that comic 40 times. then the other day i found out there actually is a local comic book store a mile or two from where i live. i was happy to be there, though it is every stereotypical comic store that people make fun of. there were 3 dudes sitting in front of the racks yelling about judge dredd and john mccain in an attempt to make it as uncomfortable as possible for everyone. while i was there i saw the first issue of final crisis, so i bought it figuring i'd get caught up.

turns out i bought the 'director's cut', and while the dude in the store was helpful in sighing and giving me slightly dirty looks for having him ring me up, he didn't point out that this version of the comic has no dialog. it's the black and white art with no word bubbles and the script in the back of the book. not that it was his job to tell me, i should have checked it out, but i was trying to get out of there as quickly as possible before i was forced to dress as judge dredd and give everyone in the store a massage.

reading the script is alright, i guess, but obviously i wanted to read the real fucking comic. so i went and attempted to put the text back in with a sharpie, essentially ending up with final crisis: the retarded cut. it's essentially unreadable, but the bonus is i now have the dialog memorized from having to write it out. it has kamandi and cavemen and metron so i like it but now i'm wondering if i should color it. i want to get the second issue but i'm wondering if i'll end up with a version that edits out everything except the costumes. final crisis: the costume directors cut.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

prehistory archives.

i'm trying to redesign my website this week. by 'redesign' i mean that i'm sitting in front of my computer for 6 hours a day telling dreamweaver i'm going to punch it in its non existent face.
while my website still essentially looks the same for now (on the outside, though emotionally it looks very different after all the yelling) i finally did put up an archive of my caveman comic
in celebration of me accomplishing a small task involving very limited html here's some facts about prehistory that none of the 3 people that read this blog will care about:

- i wrote the script and layouts for the entire thing at the same time. normally when i'm working on something longer than a page i don't script the entire thing (i do an outline and thumbnails) to leave room for changes while i'm drawing. i'm sort of glad i didn't do that with this because since i've been drawing it sporadically for 50 years now; without the script i wouldn't know what the fuck it was about at this point.
- the biggest difference between the script so far and the actual comic is that i dropped about 95% of the dialog. in the script the cavemen talk a lot about politics and gods and philosophy and aliens. i realized while i was drawing it that it might be better if i just hint at those topics with 400,000 panels of poorly drawn walking.
- i also took out a few dune-like dream sequences that i think would've just been obvious and kind of stupid.
- the main thing doing this comic has taught me is don't write a script where everything that happens happens towards the end and then slowly put it on the internet because you could end up drawing a comic about non speaking cartoon cavemen for 2 years while people ask you why 'nothing' is happening in the strip.
- i'm drawing the next two parts at the same time right now. they should be done by 2011-ish.

Monday, September 15, 2008

massive fictions 2 still for sale.

as mentioned before you can still buy stanley lieber's massive fictions 2 here.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

biggz and garfriend comic.

the blogging has been slow and i have been lazy.
there's no harmonium this week due to aleks forgetting to fully black out all the swear words i write in the speech bubbles.
i like how that joke will make no sense to me when i read it anytime after a month from now.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ohokyeah comic.

i colored this one with watercolors, color pencil and the sound of the terminator tv show.

aleks scanned it as the scanner likes her more. most likely because she has not yet chosen sides in the upcoming machine war.

Monday, September 8, 2008

feebee comic 2.

2 facts about this comic:

i used a brush to ink this. something i haven't done in 6 to 20 years. it was fun. not fun was attempting to scan the giant fucking brush inked original as i believe my scanner despises me. i ended up (angrily) replacing the not-scanned grays with fake zipatone in photoshop.

the weight-lifting dog is based on my dog's good friend hank.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

tinyfolk drawing.

this is the cover i drew for tinyfolk's
new (and really good) ep. you can download it here.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

incredible hulk comic.

though i don't think i've actually bought a hulk comic in about 12 years, i do keep up with what's happening in his life (and eat cookies in the shape of his head).
here's some random plot lines i'd like to see tackled in his comic:
- in order to redeem himself after world war hulk, the hulk is forced by the government to work an entry level office job without expressing any anger. it could be his greatest challenge (cover blurb).
- banner in an attempt to cure himself accidentally makes it so that he turns into the hulk when calm and his human form when angry. hilarity and drama ensue.
- the hulk is kidnapped by a gamma worshiping cult that see him as a god. he has to stop them from detonating gamma bombs in major cities and voting against gay marriage while avoiding the atf.
- hulk vs whale.
- hulk vs me.