Tuesday, September 2, 2008

incredible hulk comic.

though i don't think i've actually bought a hulk comic in about 12 years, i do keep up with what's happening in his life (and eat cookies in the shape of his head).
here's some random plot lines i'd like to see tackled in his comic:
- in order to redeem himself after world war hulk, the hulk is forced by the government to work an entry level office job without expressing any anger. it could be his greatest challenge (cover blurb).
- banner in an attempt to cure himself accidentally makes it so that he turns into the hulk when calm and his human form when angry. hilarity and drama ensue.
- the hulk is kidnapped by a gamma worshiping cult that see him as a god. he has to stop them from detonating gamma bombs in major cities and voting against gay marriage while avoiding the atf.
- hulk vs whale.
- hulk vs me.

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