Wednesday, September 17, 2008

prehistory archives.

i'm trying to redesign my website this week. by 'redesign' i mean that i'm sitting in front of my computer for 6 hours a day telling dreamweaver i'm going to punch it in its non existent face.
while my website still essentially looks the same for now (on the outside, though emotionally it looks very different after all the yelling) i finally did put up an archive of my caveman comic
in celebration of me accomplishing a small task involving very limited html here's some facts about prehistory that none of the 3 people that read this blog will care about:

- i wrote the script and layouts for the entire thing at the same time. normally when i'm working on something longer than a page i don't script the entire thing (i do an outline and thumbnails) to leave room for changes while i'm drawing. i'm sort of glad i didn't do that with this because since i've been drawing it sporadically for 50 years now; without the script i wouldn't know what the fuck it was about at this point.
- the biggest difference between the script so far and the actual comic is that i dropped about 95% of the dialog. in the script the cavemen talk a lot about politics and gods and philosophy and aliens. i realized while i was drawing it that it might be better if i just hint at those topics with 400,000 panels of poorly drawn walking.
- i also took out a few dune-like dream sequences that i think would've just been obvious and kind of stupid.
- the main thing doing this comic has taught me is don't write a script where everything that happens happens towards the end and then slowly put it on the internet because you could end up drawing a comic about non speaking cartoon cavemen for 2 years while people ask you why 'nothing' is happening in the strip.
- i'm drawing the next two parts at the same time right now. they should be done by 2011-ish.

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