Tuesday, September 23, 2008

they always win mp3.

they always win mp3 - go down, matthew

i found my old fender guitar in my mom's house over the weekend and brought it home and re-strung it. now hopefully i can rock with the power of my 12 year old self.

in other news i realized moments ago that 20% of my toiletries are named something-XTREME. i can't really claim any of them live or don't live up to this name because i'm having trouble, right now, imagining exactly how XTREME deodorant or disposable razors can actually get.


bigg said...

so good. really good. it makes me wish that our manager would make us form a reunion.

pete. said...

after accepting that medeors is most likely dead, a couple of days ago, i wrote and recorded 95% of a new go down matthew album.
i needed to rock through my despair.