Tuesday, October 28, 2008

what do you want from me.

all i've been doing recently is drawing 18 hours a day while crying about not being able to afford videogames (or food), so i've been listening to a lot of music. my current listening habit is to find one new album i like, or even vaguely have an interest in, or think is 'ok' and listen to it non stop, all day, on repeat until i'm insanely tired of it. this usually takes about a week (so, about 150 or so listens). i don't really recommend doing things this way.
anyway here's some music i recently liked and then got really tired of:

i really liked the new lambchop album 'oh ohio'. lambchop was my favorite band 5 or 6 years ago though i couldn't really say why. they are a bunch of old dudes that make orchestral, sort of country, sort of folk, sort of 60s soul, sort of 70s am, pop music. it sounds nothing like what i normally listen to, though it sounds probably nothing like what anyone really listens to. sometimes it seems like the type of thing that you and your grandfather could hear and enjoy in an elevator if he was alive and not drunk and hitting you. they had a string of really great albums for a while but i sort of hated the last one (though i might've just been tired of them at the time) and haven't payed attention to them in a couple of years.
the new one is great though. it's an insanely quiet pop album. so much so that when a flute driven bridge kicks in in one song it sounds like the most rocking thing ever. and the singer actually just whispers more enthusiastically whenever the music picks up.
here's a terrible video of one of their really good songs from the early 2000s (when they were in their 50s).

i've also been listening to a few noise albums in an attempt to drown out the disapproving voice of my father that echoes in my head all day. i like the album by the band wavves that is less noise and more beach punk recorded really poorly in a garage. i can only listen to half the record at a time because it makes me deaf but i like it.

i also really like celebration's 'evergreen' though any other songs i've heard from them i've pretty much hated. i realize the success of this song is all in the drums, but i don't think that makes it any less good.


maddogg said...

I can't believe you let a dinosaur adopt the fetus I gave you.

I really want to listen to all this music you posted as I'm really looking for new and good stuff to check out, but alas, I am at work and they only approve of LiteFM.

pete. said...

the dinosaur is just babysitting. i hardly ever adopt out children that people give me.

you should quit.

maddogg said...

Yea, but they're promoting me every five seconds, buying me all sorts of photoshop, and giving me a sweet computer with a 22 in monitor.

pete. said...

that's cool. even though i don't work, i promote myself every five seconds too. i just became the queen of teaneck. and now i'm head astronomy lyricist for my apartment.