Friday, November 7, 2008

geek score.

one really weird, though awesome thing about my neighborhood is that, for some reason, every store doubles as a thrift/junk/used book store. it's kind of like the bardertown from mad max beyond thunderdome, if it was run by orthodox jews instead of tina turner (also every store sells alcohol. i think even the dry cleaners. they must give out liquor licenses for free). for no reason; the western union by me has, from my estimate, a few hundred marvel comics from the 70s and 80s in the back of the store that they sell for 99 cents each. i still really can't figure out why. i also can't figure out why it seems like they get more every time i go in there.
the other day, i picked up the 3 issue dune movie adaptation from the early 80s as i love all things dune and all things 99 cents. i expected, like every film to comic adaptation, a shitty, non sensical version of the movie on the inside. i was surprised that it's actually filled with gorgeous bill sienkiewicz art. sienkiewicz always reminded me of walt simonson on drugs or at least under the influence of 80s cyberpunk and a fine arts education. i guess this would be from right before (or during) his run on new mutants (i picked up a bunch of those at the same store a few months ago).
(too lazy to scan things right now).

after leaving there, we stumbled upon possibly the best used book store i have ever been in. the most impressive thing about it being that while it had an insane amount of books (it was sort of huge), everything was neatly arranged and in exact alphabetical order. being used to the book stores in brooklyn that are usually a pile of 1 million books thrown on the floor, i'm assuming the guy that runs it might have ocd.
every time i go into a used book store i buy whatever michael moorcock books they have there as he has written 6 million novels that are all out of print, the covers are always amazing, every junk store usually has at least a few and i really like them and their ridiculousness.
i found the time of the hawklords which is his novel about the band hawkwind in a future, dystopian galaxy playing what they think is the last concert ever, until they realize that as soon as they stop playing the universe becomes ill from music withdrawal and they have to find a cure. i'm pretty sure this book will influence the lyrics of the next 4000 go down, matthew songs.


Stanley Lieber said...

dave sim once wrote a long essay castigating bill for doing the dune adaptation instead of his own original work.

pete. said...

is there a 1980s comic artist he didn't write that essay about?

i want to make a video that is just close ups of the faces of people who don't know who dave sim is (or don't read comics) reading glamourpuss. i've watched two people read the first issue and the look of just utter confusion is so good.

Stanley Lieber said...

this must be caused to happen. i'm 50% sure sim could be convinced to adopt it as an official advertisement.