Wednesday, November 19, 2008

i hate sundays page 2.

first page

i realized while i was coloring this that in almost every longer comic story i do, about half way through, the main character ends up with bandaged wounds and some sort of eye injury.

while there are other reasons for me doing this (conscious and unconscious), i'm sure, i think most of it has to do with the fact that i learned storytelling from the three most important texts of my generation; die hard, predator and robocop. as those movies teach you, your main characters must sustain multiple and increasingly severe injuries throughout the narrative until by the end they are covered in tattered bandages and essentially naked (see also: lethal weapon, terminator, mad max, the gospels). their progress through the story is marked on them physically. it's die hard characterization. this is 90% of the reason i liked the new bond movie. he puts on brand new clothes in the beginning of every scene, just so they could end up ripped and dirty. it was like 10 die hards. or 10 passion plays.


S.J. Chambers said...

Don't secretly want to be a post-apocalyptic pirate!

S.J. Chambers said...

Damn...OK is a really effetive affirmation for suspense. I'm being serious. I want to know what's on page 3...Pete? What's on page 3?

By the way, here I am on blogger.

her velvetyness said...

i really really like the first line of frames.

my problem is that i usually read through comics really fast to get the story down and i totally overlook the artwork a lot of times. i slowed myself down to really appreciate it this time and it's fucking goooood!

pete. said...

selena: kind of. i do want to be a post-apocalyptic albino.
thanks! i won't tell you what happens but i can guarantee that it will be a complete letdown.
you've totally just been rss'd.

madeleine: thanks! i think everybody reads through comics like that (except me, i have comics ocd, it takes me like 4 hours to read an issue of spider-man). i think that's one of the reasons why most comic artists are suicidal.