Tuesday, November 25, 2008


drawing i did a while ago for a story about teaching prisoners to knit that is in the new issue of bejeezus magazine. i haven't seen it yet, but i'm pretty sure it's out now.
i have the last couple of issues and it's a really awesome magazine about homemade writing and art and music. i'd recommend it even if i didn't have a drawing in it, although this post would then make a lot less sense.

much like the other two habits i have, drinking coffee and pretending i don't know people that play that vampire role playing game, it has taken me only a couple of days to get severely addicted to twitter.


Stanley Lieber said...

do you think this magazine would be interested in running a flexi-disc of 19Hz tones by FLAMES.GIF

pete. said...

the only reason i could imagine they wouldn't do this is the jealousy it would spark in the offices of vibe magazine.

madeleine said...

you really do have a twitter problem. i don't really understand the point of it. and i don't think anyone really cares what i'm doing all the time. yet i still continue to use it, maybe in a quest to figure out its meaning.

pete. said...

i wouldn't really call it a 'problem.' i would say some nights it seems like twitter is all i have left.

i think it's a really good way to blog. kind of. it's totally a really good way to train yourself to only have thoughts that are 140 characters long.