Wednesday, November 19, 2008

life is hard?

it's been a while. i have the slight temptation right now to use this blog for the main purpose blogs were created for in the first place, and type a bunch of shit-talk while crying empty tears of frustration, but i guess that's why i have a livejournal.
last week, i was insanely busy and mostly outside my apartment, which not only has led to deep existential questions and sociological confusion but also me falling behind on everything. i'm back on the horse, though. his name is javier. javier the horse. and together, we will complete all the drawings, writing, designs, emails, songs, ect. that are owed to everyone. and then we will ride off into the sunset, both of us, on the back of a much larger horse.


Stanley Lieber said...

it's horses all the way down

biggz said...

eff ya!

I don't get how you're behind on stuff. You do enough to make me hate you while I'm at shmuley's.

pete. said...

i hardcore procrastinate on stuff that i have to get done.
so, instead of finishing drawings that i'm actually going to get paid for i spend 6 hours recording spencer theme songs.

biggz said...