Tuesday, December 16, 2008


ss transylvania mp3- go down, matthew.


-i wrote and recorded maybe 5 songs in the past few days. this is the only one i didn't trash. mostly because i finished it a couple of minutes ago.

-i spent hours trying to get that midi flute sound exactly how i wanted it. turns out i wanted it to sound exactly like the midi flute sound in all my other songs.

-as a rule i am not really a fan of vampires. however, i am a tremendous fan of space vampires.


Dean said...


I especially like the tinkling sound of falling firework fragments in keyboard form at the end.

Didn't your new album come out yet?

pete. said...


yeah,it's been done for a while. just waiting to get the master tapes to my lawyers and then we'll see what happens.

aleks said...

This song is really good. I enjoy the softness of it.
This is how deckard would sound if he were bitten and then got lost in space for a few hundred years and finally found out that the milky way blood fountain is going to run out very soon.

dzima said...

i'm glad you have moved on from the golden age of music on the internet (the year 2006) and continue to be productive and reinvent yourself constantly.

in thirty years, they'll be releasing compilations of livejournal greatest hits.

pete. said...


i can't wait for 20 years from now for the 'back to the internet' reunion tour.