Thursday, January 8, 2009


i'm still really bad at scanning. amongst other things obviously.


Alisa said...

Hehe, I like it, good scan or bad scan.

madeleine sinbad said...

haha i didn't realize what this was about when i first saw it uncolored. i love it.

you can get better at scanning with practice. do 3 illustration scans a day, 5 reps each. do 2 document scans a day, 2 reps each. you'll reach your goal scan in about 2 weeks.

Dean said...

Being featured in a comic is one of the highlights of my life.

What's also a highlight is the fact that at work the other day I was looking at this, and two of Shmuley's kids came up and asked what it was.. and I said "I'm the star of a comic strip.. was showing them.. and then realized that my penis was staring at them in the drawing.. and said "oh.. I didn't realize my penis was in this." They laughed uncomfortably.

Dean said...

But now I'm not so sure it's my penis. It could just be penis shaped shorts.

pete. said...

thanks guys.

dean: i'll draw your penis when i'm finally done compiling the photo ref for it. which should be soon.