Friday, January 23, 2009


come on tanelorn. from godownmatthew on Vimeo.

promo video, documentary thing about my new album. as i've mentioned maybe 200 times before, it's done, and as i've also mentioned 200 times before, i'll put it up soon.


BIGGZ said...

oh man. so good. i'm so psyched. Kraig actually talked to me before asking if he should talk to his lawyer about you naming your album the real wild hearts.

pete. said...

yeah he sent me a message saying he was going to sue me and i got really excited. i'm teaming up with everyone else that released an album called 'wild hearts': roy orbison, ghost in the attic, jan syriges, willie nelson, lobo, stevie nicks... to file a counter suit against kraig.

the best jokes involve actually having to go to court.

S.J. Chambers said...

Wow--this was raw, Pete. It's like I never left your living room floor.

I'm really excited about the new much longer do I need to be excited before it actually appears?

pete. said...

you know how it is; you can't walk a foot in new jersey without tripping over me keeping it real.

the release of the album has been entirely in the hands of a higher power for a little while, but it should be soon.