Monday, January 5, 2009


happy new year. so far, for me, 2009 has been mostly about sleeping but also about being grumpy and nursing my drawing/moving/wii/obsessive computer use - induced wrist injury. hoping to turn it around today. with the power of prayer (satanic).


S.J. Chambers said...

I told Aleks that red hat looked awesome on her.

Happy New Year!

Stanley Lieber said...

i keep praying and praying but it's like satan doesn't exist or is ignoring me.

Dean said...

Aleks is changing
Like Changeling

You guys look good. And young.

pete. said...

selena: yeah, i think aleks looks good in anything, including the batman sweatshirt.

sl: i think the devil works on a first come/ first serve basis. and he probably has a backlog of math teachers and high school principals to kill in answer to the prayers of 80s metalheads.

dean: diy experimental blood transfusions work. don't let anyone tell you different.