Monday, January 19, 2009

only a few hundred things can tame it.

a new-ish song:
the real wild hearts- go down, matthew.

this is one of those songs that you write and think 'i'll just keep it simple' and then so much goes wrong with recording it that you realize that it's probably cursed. and then you start to wonder where exactly you got all of your instrument cables from and maybe one of them belonged to your obviously cursed ex roommate or a voodoo priest touched one while it was on the shelf at guitar center. or maybe you yourself have some sort of hex on you for not giving spare change to a homeless wizard. then you wonder how you could go about decursing everything and purifying your body and mind, and you end up in the fetal position in bed wondering where it all went wrong. but it happens to everybody once in a while.

i have no idea how people that use autotune fight the temptation to make everything have a chipmunk robot type voice.


Tinyfolk said...

I have definitely been known to give into the temptation of the chipmunk robot voice more times than is really called for.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE it. A LOT.

BIGGZ said...

I can't focus right now. I'm going to try again tomorrow. I doubt it's better than that last song though. But I'm open to anything

Stanley Lieber said...

go go go *motions*

pete. said...

russ: you use it well though. i used to wonder why so many r&b/pop/hip hop songs had the squirrel/chipmunk effect but after using autotune once, i'm now wondering why that effect isn't put on everything.

thanks guys (except for biggz).