Wednesday, March 25, 2009

kitty pryde.

this is a poster i did for a kitty pryde-themed, charity art show that'll be happening at floating world comics in may.

for the unXucated: kitty pryde was a teenage member of the x-men in the 80s who hung out with wolverine a lot, until she got a little older and then she ended up being trapped inside a giant space bullet. i think she might be most famous for being a sexually active 14 year old superhero. kitty was one of the few mutant characters i liked as a kid.

her power was that she could walk through walls. which is a pretty decent ability for a kid superhero. this is before they started giving child heroes the power to melt people's eyes and perform psychic abortions. walking through walls, as some people that wrote her realized, is just on the right side of lame though. i always wondered/worried about the mutants at xavier's school that had shitty mutant powers. i think because when i was a kid, i assumed, if i was a mutant, obviously my chances of having shitty powers were pretty good. i'm not sure if this was explored in the comic. in the second x-men movie though, there's the kid whose power, it seems, is the ability to change the channels on a tv by blinking. there's a short scene where wolverine walks in on him using his power alone in the x-common room late at night. it's in the movie to show how weird it is at the school, but it also shows that in a place that has all these people with awesome powers, it would be so lonely and depressing to be the kid that is cursed with remote control eyelids.

kitty pryde was eventually kind of replaced by the character jubilee whose power, i think, was that her fingernails lit up or something.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i hate sundays page 3.

here's the previous 2 pages in case you don't have them memorized/hate looking for things as much as i do/weren't born when i originally posted them.

this thing will only 4 pages long in the end. i was going to wait until i was finished with it and post the whole thing together, but it has taken a slow yet dramatic tumble down the priority list.

if you're an american that wants to be irish/hate pagans/love holidays/need an excuse for your rampant alcoholism/need any excuse to feel, really/accidentally wore green to work today and thought 'aw shit' when you realized what day it was/are one of those people that have a calendar with random holidays on it and are like 'hey it's reindeer fitness day in canada! happy reindeer fitness day!'/a frat boy/own a bar/are living with an unemployed irish guy that never stops playing call of duty and you really need some time to yourself at least for one day: happy st. patrick's day.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lists and header

I found this cool Catalog card generator. I wasted way too much time making a bunch of lists. Try it out.


Made a new blog header for fun.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

luckily i've been setting the clocks one minute ahead for the past 60 days.

that last picture is supposed to be noby noby boy. we've been playing the game a lot and so should you for these reasons:
it's really fun and weirdly relaxing.
while i'm 40% the game exists to hypnotize the people playing it, the hypnosis is of the type where you don't remember the assassinations/robberies you committed while under, so it's guilt free.
every time you think it's getting boring, and you want to turn it off, you find some other seemingly small and generally inconsequential thing you can do in the game and it seems awesome. which, of course, is exactly like real life and the reason i've yet to kill myself.
and probably most importantly: the way the game advances 'levels' and unlocks new things is through the cumulative score of everyone playing it. so, like a death cult, the more people involved, the better the game gets.
and it's only $5. unless you don't have a playstation 3. then it's like $505, yet possibly still worth it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Elevenses Group Show

I have a couple of pieces in this group show. Check it out if you're in Honolulu.
Curated by Jen Callejo. Opens March 6th.

winter comics.

anytime the weather gets insanely 'wintery' (like the 60 feet of snow we just got), this late in the season, i imagine puxatony phil sitting in his lair, rubbing his tiny paws together and laughing maniacally.