Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i hate sundays page 3.

here's the previous 2 pages in case you don't have them memorized/hate looking for things as much as i do/weren't born when i originally posted them.

this thing will only 4 pages long in the end. i was going to wait until i was finished with it and post the whole thing together, but it has taken a slow yet dramatic tumble down the priority list.

if you're an american that wants to be irish/hate pagans/love holidays/need an excuse for your rampant alcoholism/need any excuse to feel, really/accidentally wore green to work today and thought 'aw shit' when you realized what day it was/are one of those people that have a calendar with random holidays on it and are like 'hey it's reindeer fitness day in canada! happy reindeer fitness day!'/a frat boy/own a bar/are living with an unemployed irish guy that never stops playing call of duty and you really need some time to yourself at least for one day: happy st. patrick's day.


madeleine said...

i am all of those things.

Tinyfolk said...

i really like this comic.

pete. said...

thanks russ. i'm gonna post the last page soon-ish.

madeleine: happy belated st. patrick's day.