Wednesday, March 25, 2009

kitty pryde.

this is a poster i did for a kitty pryde-themed, charity art show that'll be happening at floating world comics in may.

for the unXucated: kitty pryde was a teenage member of the x-men in the 80s who hung out with wolverine a lot, until she got a little older and then she ended up being trapped inside a giant space bullet. i think she might be most famous for being a sexually active 14 year old superhero. kitty was one of the few mutant characters i liked as a kid.

her power was that she could walk through walls. which is a pretty decent ability for a kid superhero. this is before they started giving child heroes the power to melt people's eyes and perform psychic abortions. walking through walls, as some people that wrote her realized, is just on the right side of lame though. i always wondered/worried about the mutants at xavier's school that had shitty mutant powers. i think because when i was a kid, i assumed, if i was a mutant, obviously my chances of having shitty powers were pretty good. i'm not sure if this was explored in the comic. in the second x-men movie though, there's the kid whose power, it seems, is the ability to change the channels on a tv by blinking. there's a short scene where wolverine walks in on him using his power alone in the x-common room late at night. it's in the movie to show how weird it is at the school, but it also shows that in a place that has all these people with awesome powers, it would be so lonely and depressing to be the kid that is cursed with remote control eyelids.

kitty pryde was eventually kind of replaced by the character jubilee whose power, i think, was that her fingernails lit up or something.


Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Reus Catalonia
thank you

Stanley Lieber said...

Like he said. ^^

Zusty said...

That is exactly what Jubilee's power is. That and going to the mall.
If you include the New Mutants (which I have to because I love them), the canonical example of crummy powers is Cypher, who had the power of languages. He essentially did the job of a Babelfish, except consciously, I think? Anyhow, unless he was wearing Warlock like a suit, he wasn't much good in battle.

(I am sanspoof on livejournal, and zusty on twitter, by the way. I am a little alarmed that I have two separate drawings of Kitty Pryde on flickr.)

Alisa said...

Thanks for explaining who Kitty Pryde is. I never knew that. Now I wish that I was her.

pete. said...

thanks guys. regard from new jersey.

zusty: yo. translation is kind of a weak power. though i have noticed any time a mutant has a sort of shitty power, that power will eventually allow them to do something kind of awesome that makes no sense, or they are super good at karate. like how rogue at first just kissed people to death, then she got their powers for a while, then she got their powers forever, and can read minds and she flies and she's a ninja. or cypher combining with warlock because translation makes him a friend of computers or something.

your art's awesome btw. as are your movie reviews.

alisa: me too.

Zusty said...

Yeah, I guess the cycle is: 1. Sucky-powered character is created. 2. Sucky-powered character realizes that he or she has a sucky power and is sad. 3. Sucky-powered character does well with teamwork or something? 4. Sucky-powered character is overhauled by writers who think he/she is lame. 5. Sucky-powered character is killed off because he/she no longer makes sense. Maybe?
Also, thank you! You are too kind! Your art is rather awesome as well, sir!


dzima said...

this post has got me thinking that this is actually a rivers cuomo disguised as pete blog entry and he actually managed to fool us all.

pete. said...

i don't like to talk about this too much but most of my posts are ghost written by rivers or gwen stefani. there's only so much time in the day.