Sunday, March 8, 2009

luckily i've been setting the clocks one minute ahead for the past 60 days.

that last picture is supposed to be noby noby boy. we've been playing the game a lot and so should you for these reasons:
it's really fun and weirdly relaxing.
while i'm 40% the game exists to hypnotize the people playing it, the hypnosis is of the type where you don't remember the assassinations/robberies you committed while under, so it's guilt free.
every time you think it's getting boring, and you want to turn it off, you find some other seemingly small and generally inconsequential thing you can do in the game and it seems awesome. which, of course, is exactly like real life and the reason i've yet to kill myself.
and probably most importantly: the way the game advances 'levels' and unlocks new things is through the cumulative score of everyone playing it. so, like a death cult, the more people involved, the better the game gets.
and it's only $5. unless you don't have a playstation 3. then it's like $505, yet possibly still worth it.

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