Tuesday, April 28, 2009


aleks woke up earlier today and stopped me from the beginning of my daily 20 hours of sitting motionless and wondering how i'm going to make enough money to survive next month, to let me know 'something' was in the bedroom. something that sounded like a bee. i went in to discover a bee (or wasp or hornet) that was about the size of my head. those that know me irl, know that an insect that is the size of my head is an insect that is, at the very least, 4 feet long. i ended up beating it to death with the 'songs of the 60s fakebook' (no joke) and then having to turn over the room to find it's corpse. i feel weirdly guilty about killing things, especially when they are the size of my dog. i felt weirder about it because as the bug died it said something along the lines of 'bzzzzdozzzyouzzzknowzwhatliezzzintheshadowzzzofthe

this combined with the fact that i've been playing resistance for ps3, which heavily features alien scorpions and spiders makes me feel like i have bugs crawling all over my skin.

3 things i like on the internet today:

forming by jessie moynihan: possibly one of the best webcomics ever, as it has everything i like, space gods, aliens, prehistoric civilizations...

kevin hooyman's comic for arthur is also awesome.

and madelion's music video is all kinds of good:

Friday, April 24, 2009

the robocop 2 of my comic.

next 6 pages are up on the arthur site.
they contain a musical number, civil war battles, drug use, jokes, a teepee and walk on cameos by both phoebe and biggz.

Friday, April 10, 2009

world wide web comic books.

6 pages of my new comic are up on the arthur magazine site

more pages will follow soon-ish.

it's a comic based on the idea that the fictions we experience (books/movies/songs) and the ones we create are just as 'real' to us as our 'real life' experiences, especially when dealing with memory.
it's something i've thought a lot about since i watched masters of the universe on dvd a couple of years ago and realized that much of my remembered childhood was actually he-man's life. though i did have a cat that let me ride it around my neighborhood and i was surrounded by muscular, gay men throughout my younger years, there's not much he-man and i have in common. identity is interesting to me especially with how it's built by memory and how much that is tied up in the things we experience in our imagination as much as the things we experience physically. and i think it's even kind of weirder now, as opposed to my eternia years, as everyone blogs about their lives. we're all building a sort of public internet persona as well as our 'real' one. i'm rambling. which is why a drew a story about it, i guess.

of course you probably won't get any of that from the comic.

i'm really happy to be able to do something for arthur magazine as i actually read the mag and the website and really dig it. jason leivian is their online comics dude (as well as being involved in 600 other projects on a daily basis). and he's been posting really awesome shit there recently like farel dalrymple's pop gun war sequel and stuff by kevin hooyman and al columbia. and stanley lieber is working on a story for it that may finally reveal the sexuality of the internet.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

blogging prof.

like many people's grandparents during the late 20s/early 30s, the economic downturn has me going without certain things that i only recently considered necessities. and also like our grandparents, blogging is on top of that list. i do miss it.
all my time recently has been wrapped up in sort of obsessively working on one comic story (i got into that sort of weird hell dimension of re-drawing one page over and over), but in an exciting twist, i'm about to finish the 6th page and grandly reward myself with thinking about doing my laundry.
i think i forgot how to blog.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

flower parachute

that's how I would most likely phase if only i could.
For the Kitty Pryde show at floating world comics.

Why, I will never give up on juice pouches.

Minute Maid coolers
your secret pocket
eludes me.