Tuesday, April 28, 2009


aleks woke up earlier today and stopped me from the beginning of my daily 20 hours of sitting motionless and wondering how i'm going to make enough money to survive next month, to let me know 'something' was in the bedroom. something that sounded like a bee. i went in to discover a bee (or wasp or hornet) that was about the size of my head. those that know me irl, know that an insect that is the size of my head is an insect that is, at the very least, 4 feet long. i ended up beating it to death with the 'songs of the 60s fakebook' (no joke) and then having to turn over the room to find it's corpse. i feel weirdly guilty about killing things, especially when they are the size of my dog. i felt weirder about it because as the bug died it said something along the lines of 'bzzzzdozzzyouzzzknowzwhatliezzzintheshadowzzzofthe

this combined with the fact that i've been playing resistance for ps3, which heavily features alien scorpions and spiders makes me feel like i have bugs crawling all over my skin.

3 things i like on the internet today:

forming by jessie moynihan: possibly one of the best webcomics ever, as it has everything i like, space gods, aliens, prehistoric civilizations...

kevin hooyman's comic for arthur is also awesome.

and madelion's music video is all kinds of good:


madeleine said...

thanks for the love.

i really like forming! and i am glad to check out the other arthur comic as well (after i enjoy the sunshine outside). you always give good recommendations.

i was also attacked by a handful of gerbil sized bees earlier this afternoon.

madeleine said...

that bee could have also been referring to lost.

pete. said...

the amount of bees i've seen recently would lead me to believe we're under attack, but the one i killed had an american flag tattoo so i think they're on our side.