Tuesday, May 26, 2009

maybe we're all humanators.

with the all sorts of awesome 2nd half of the 2nd (final) season of the terminator tv show and the movie coming out last week, i don't think i've talked about anything else for the past month for longer than 30 seconds. it's getting to the point where the people around me are the human resistance and i am a lazy skynet machine firing theories about john connor's alternate time-lines bullets.

here's a new song:

the temple's all right

Monday, May 18, 2009

pink tombs series finale.

the final 8 pages of my comic are up on the arthur blog.

i'll probably make another post talking about it a little more, once i actually wake up and/or convince myself of the possible illusion that people have read it, but you know the end of roseanne where you find out that much of the show was just a story roseanne was writing? i was going for not really that with a mix of those two cosby show episodes where he dreams about muppets.

i guess i should've labeled that 'roseanne spoiler' but those that know me know that i have 'roseanne spoiler' tattooed across my chest, and it's weird to overstate something like that.

not awake.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

i'd actually take winter over summer 95% of the time (in a fistfight)

a logo i made for aleks that i think captures much of her personality.

here's a song i recorded recently:
after a self-imposed (the cia was only vaguely involved) exile from recording music since i finished my last album, i'm back in the game. if 'the game' is making poorly recorded pop music and not competitive break dancing as my parents always led me to believe. i've made a few songs. this is the one i actually like the least but it's also the only one that's finished. besides, it's topical. or seasonal. it actually works if you imagine me being 100% serious about it, in which case, it becomes kind of funny. also i realized the computer voice when you put a delay effect on it sounds like it's saying 'revolt'. kind of frightening, but not surprising. also 'summer 09' sounds kind of like 'summon odin'.

Friday, May 15, 2009


like most kids in the 80s, i was obsessed with pro wrestling. my interest hit its zenith and abruptly stopped at possibly the peak age for being a wrestling fan, 8 or 9 years old. in my grammar school 'yearbook' though i did list pro wrestler as my future career. i wonder what my younger self would think of me now that i have the body of a pro wrestler, but just waste it by sitting on the computer all day.

(no joke: in my 3rd grade yearbook i list 'the fall guy' as what i want to be when i grow up. sadly this didn't pan out either.)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

in the wolverine sequel kitty will prob be his cousin or something.

i believe the kitty pryde show that al and i are in along with 17 million other artists (at least 1 million amazing ones) is happening tonight at floating world.
full of pryde
floating world comics

i won't be there as i don't live in portland and will be busy being dressed as young, moustachioed, picard and telling people 'i'm not even born yet' at every screening of the new star trek i can get to for the next 4 days.