Sunday, May 17, 2009

i'd actually take winter over summer 95% of the time (in a fistfight)

a logo i made for aleks that i think captures much of her personality.

here's a song i recorded recently:
after a self-imposed (the cia was only vaguely involved) exile from recording music since i finished my last album, i'm back in the game. if 'the game' is making poorly recorded pop music and not competitive break dancing as my parents always led me to believe. i've made a few songs. this is the one i actually like the least but it's also the only one that's finished. besides, it's topical. or seasonal. it actually works if you imagine me being 100% serious about it, in which case, it becomes kind of funny. also i realized the computer voice when you put a delay effect on it sounds like it's saying 'revolt'. kind of frightening, but not surprising. also 'summer 09' sounds kind of like 'summon odin'.


Stanley Lieber said...

oh yes

pete. said...

sometimes i think we're all in the wu tang clan.

madeleine said...

i'm looking forward to listening to this over and over again over memorial day weekend.*

ever since 'oh shit i love the springtime' i thought you've made seasonal hits.

*i haven't actually listened yet.

dzima said...

great to hear you're finally letting those bryan adams influences bleed through your music.

pete. said...

i always felt kind of bad for bryan adams. it's one thing to be 2nd gen springsteen with a mental handicap like john cougar mellencamp. it's another thing to be 2nd gen john cougar.