Tuesday, May 26, 2009

maybe we're all humanators.

with the all sorts of awesome 2nd half of the 2nd (final) season of the terminator tv show and the movie coming out last week, i don't think i've talked about anything else for the past month for longer than 30 seconds. it's getting to the point where the people around me are the human resistance and i am a lazy skynet machine firing theories about john connor's alternate time-lines bullets.

here's a new song:

the temple's all right


Stanley Lieber said...

i'm pretty much in the same boat. except i don't have a new song. dl'ing now.

pete. said...

i'm probably going to try to stop talking about it soon, but did you read about the original ending to salvation?


dzima said...

now, this song is a tribute to Temple of the Dog's reunion album, right?

pete. said...

their future reunion album which i'm assuming will be recorded when someone else from the grunge scene dies. my bet is on chris cornell in a hair styling product accident.