Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i like in scifi when they let you know it's the future/alien planet by referring to concepts of time with made up words.

i'm waiting every day for the cnn headline that reads 'too many blogs, not much to say: is this generation all typed out?'

for the first time in 200 consecutive years i didn't make it to the MOCCA fest this past weekend. i was kind of busy. saturday i ate a cupcake and sunday i had one of those oreo sundae things from baskin-robbins. judging from most of the stuff i've read about it on the internet it was hot and in a different building and this made people sad. i'm pretty sure mocca is really hot every year though my memory of the event is clogged by the fact that i mostly remember the searing sweat pouring into my eyes more than anything else.
according to fewer things i've read about it there were a lot of books that i now want and a bunch of awesome people there. unlike the highlander though, i live without regret. yet i am totally going next year.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

and then you realize network tv is like 10 yrs behind the rest of pop culture and a single tear drops from your left eye.

an abandoned idea for a comic strip. it was supposed to be about a cynical, sort of asshole tv writer from our time that wakes up 'reverse life on mars' style in a kind of post-apocalyptic future. he is constantly expecting some sort of dystopian/1984/almost every sci-fi movie situation to reveal itself, but everything is pretty much awesome.

i thought it'd be kind of funny, but i have since thought of things that are kind of funnier.

the characters were going to mostly be this group of guys i came up with a couple of years ago to be in another abandoned comic idea 'loveocalypse'. i wanted to do something that went against the whole apocalypse is coming/i want to fuck zombies/it doesn't matter it's the endtimes vibe that was going on in pop culture (i think it has since become an idea that is now just accepted as fact. 'yes, the zombies are coming out of the melted ice caps, i can eat as much cake as i want' type of thing). so i started to write a series of mini comics about this future city that was essentially a utopia. or, at least, a joketopia. and even though i wrote a scene where a guy has sex with an animated tree with a face, i got bored quickly.