Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i like in scifi when they let you know it's the future/alien planet by referring to concepts of time with made up words.

i'm waiting every day for the cnn headline that reads 'too many blogs, not much to say: is this generation all typed out?'

for the first time in 200 consecutive years i didn't make it to the MOCCA fest this past weekend. i was kind of busy. saturday i ate a cupcake and sunday i had one of those oreo sundae things from baskin-robbins. judging from most of the stuff i've read about it on the internet it was hot and in a different building and this made people sad. i'm pretty sure mocca is really hot every year though my memory of the event is clogged by the fact that i mostly remember the searing sweat pouring into my eyes more than anything else.
according to fewer things i've read about it there were a lot of books that i now want and a bunch of awesome people there. unlike the highlander though, i live without regret. yet i am totally going next year.

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