Friday, July 3, 2009

i'm pretending you don't read any of my 200 other blogs while also pretending you'll read this.

(first 2 pages from a comic i'm drawing for the FAKE COMICS anthology)

written in bullet points to give you the freedom your reading style desires:

- i am not dead (yet).

whenever i don't update here for a while some friends, but mostly people that i don't usually talk to start emailing and texting me asking 'what's up?' i, of course, read between the lines and assume they want to know if i am finally dead and aleks is finally single. this is again not the case. i took a couple of weeks off from drawing to get some comic scripts done. this led to playing a lot of infamous, totally forgetting how to draw (see above), and being kind of cranky. it also led to me remembering i kind of like writing and now currently write blog posts too long for anyone to read and emails with stories only tangentially related to the subject.

- tumblr.

i've been using my tumblr pretty often. i have dug the vibe (from what i've seen) of tumblr for a while. mystic milk had a long abandoned account there last year. i originally got this new one because in attempting to make my computer live i was going through and archiving a bunch of old files and found 200 short stories i had written and not posted anywhere because they were either terrible or i just didn't really know where to put them. so i figured i'd throw them on tumblr and forget about it. since i only thought of this 6 months ago and it would take like 10 minutes this didn't happen yet. i did get an iphone though so the ability to blog while i walk aimlessly around my town hoping no one wants to rob me has led to a bunch of random updates.

- gif week.

i also updated livejournal for 5 days in a haze of nostalgia. it was similar to when i saw duran duran's 'first ever reunion' show twice, 3 years apart from each other.

- not really important but you might be involved.

i've added a bunch of links to the side of this blog. there is a chance i forgot you. there is also a chance i put your name and made up your website. while it might seem socially awkward to mention either, if you want to toss off the chains of society's taboos just let me know and i'll add you/fix it. also if we don't know each other, and your websites there, i'm just a fan of yours and only slightly creepy.

- vlog.

i wasn't going to post this but whatever. vlog

- happy 4th of july.

i'll be wrapped in only an american flag eating grilled cheese all weekend in celebration.


Stanley Lieber said...

Early fireworks set my tepee on fire last night.

Biggz said...

your pictures are disturbing.

pete. said...

sl: that's pretty accurately symbolic celebrating.

biggz: maybe we could play a really intense game of sc and then sweatily eat some delightful baked salmon and then see who could hold the other one the longest without letting go?
- n.g.s.