Friday, July 31, 2009


2 in sequence pages from the middle of the comic that i'm working on. hoping to finish it soon, or at least come up with some sort of 'tear guard' for my wacom tablet.


uncomplicatedly said...

this is great, especially the first page. i love the various "shame" attacks.

Roshan said...

This is awesome. I want this to drift from room to room to conversation to conversation like a Linklater movie.

pete. said...

thanks guys.

roshan: i don't think i've ever sat through an entire linklatery (waking life, slacker) linklater movie because i was a teenager in the 90s. it was like a 10 year long linklater film.
i did go to a test screening of scanner darkly and 1 of the questions on the audience form was 'what do you think of keanu reeves?' to which i replied 'uh, he's like a beautiful angel from heaven?'