Monday, August 10, 2009

2 4 U.


Stanley Lieber made a comic for you to read called Ensign Smurf. The first part is up on the Arthur Blog
I was going to write about how SL is an internetional treasure, ect but then I realized that I'm tired and cranky, and you could easily read the first few pages of the comic and discover this for yourself if you haven't already. Such is the magic of comics that they contain a dense amount of information in a small space. And part of the Ensign Smurf information package is the sentence 'I'm Stanley Lieber, I'm a genius motherfucker.'


I made you a mix. Sometimes when I'm kind of bored or procrastinating on 'paying my bills' (writing suicide notes to credit card companies) or work or whatever, I start cutting together samples to use in my music. I however, almost never use them. Not because I'm afraid of copyright infringement as I laugh at copyright (not really but sometimes I write 'LOL' inside of copyright symbols on things), but because every time I do use a piece from someone else's song, someone points out how it's the best part, or really impressive for my music. Which in itself would be okay if it didn't lead to me slowly punching myself in the face for a few hours.

Anyway, this is bits and pieces of songs and noises and whatever. If you were to imagine being in a club that replaced dancing and drinking with napping and birdwatching it might make more sense. I'll put up a tracklist for it when I get a chance to listen to the thing again.

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