Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rom N Roll.

My Rom drawing for the Bill Mantlo fundraiser Spacenight that's happening at Floating World Comics in December. Here's the blog for it.

I realized a few days ago that I neglected to mention it here, but I still have a (very) few copies of my Pink Tombs comic for sale. It's $8. More info on my livejournal

For sale at comixpress.

I'll probably do another print run once these sell out, though that may take a while. They should, however, be available at 1, 2 or 3 comic stores soon, so I'll let you know. I'm also wondering if the comixpress webstore only looks like a pit of despair, and if it would be worth selling it through them.

I feel like this post reads as if I used a blog template to write it. 'Insert Image, Insert Description, Insert Link' Insert Life Update:

I haven't been writing on the internet too much recently as I've been feeling a little blogged out. Not so much in a 'I went on a picnic, and there's a 3-d world out there, with 3-d women and I cried, so I'm deleting my Myspace' way, more in a cranky, my new neighbors are really into this music that's a mix of traditional Latin songs with club beats, and it could be breaking my brain, and I've cut down on caffeine which is causing me to have emotions, or at least one emotion: grumpiness -way. Though, after 15 years of being protein deficient, I have discovered these things called 'protein drinks' which are making me feel almost human again. So I should be back to typing about random comics from the 1980s, and the magic of Teaneck, New Jersey in no time.


Stanley Lieber said...

I ran out of things to say about four years ago but I kept going. Sometimes to my regret. I tried for a while to communicate solely with images, but people thought I was traveling all over the world (and back in time) to take these very specific images and preset to them. Eventually I just switched to playing video games and drinking unsweetened tea.

pete. said...

Yeah. I'm pretty sure at some point my blogs will either become 'I ate a sandwich that was good. Recommended: Sandwiches.' Or posting and cross posting the same nude picture of myself every day and calling anyone that comments on it a pervert.

I think most people thought you invented a pictorial language and were trying to communicate specific things to them about their lives, btw. You missed your opportunity to start a cult.

Stanley Lieber said...

As you can see from the above, I haven't quite gotten the hang of using words again. I think tumblr's reblog feature takes the "images only" thing to the next level. With regards to our twitter conversation today, it occurs to me that our grandchildren will probably have specific terms for different micro-periods throughout their lives. Instead of teens, young adults, middle age and senior citizens, there will be twenty or more distinct phases for each year of their lives. Fortunately, they will be able to navigate the complexities with tags and other folksonomies, rather than a strict hierarchy of branching folders.

pete. said...

Probably. I'm curious to see if they age their online avatars.

I'm also wondering if as the economy worsens and extended families are living together more and for longer periods of time if the fifth generation and their extreme media and drug induced add will actually need 4 other generations to parent them. If so, go human evolution. And with 4 generations essentially equaling 1, I'm totally going to try to copyright 'generation: voltron' right now.

biggz said...

pizza comic is diseased mind gold