Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I have a theory that almost all Bruce Willis movies are about the lone, conservative, American male fighting against our liberal, changing world (global economy, immigration, women executives, the internet). I also have a theory that every Keanu Reeves movie is about the next step of human evolution. Neither has anything to do with the DIE HARD comic above.

Cuban Links:

The second part of Stanley Lieber's ENSIGN SMURF went up on Arthur last week.

I recommend it to everyone, but specifically to people that spend their days crying about the fact that there's no good webcomics. Let Stanley Lieber dry your tears with his silk-gloved hands.
Full disclosure: I colored it.
Fuller disclosure: I love it.

As usual, I actually recommend pretty much everything on the Arthur Comics Blog. Every time Jason posts something I get all excited about comics and think about drawing. Then I usually lay on the floor and age. But that's an important part of the comics-making process.
Current Faves:
Jesse Moynihan's GWC.
Jason Overby's Compression.
Farel Dalrymple's Pop Gun War 2.
There's like 10 more but I'm tired of copying and pasting the links.

Donald Dean Bigbee has a new music blog.

Don makes a lot of very awesome music, and according to the links to it that he put up everywhere on the internet, this is his hidden blog for secret music projects.

S.J. Chambers interviewed Aleks for Jeff Vandermeer's blog.

Human excellence meets in short conversation.
Selena also asked me to post this as we both know most of the people that would read this blog are steampunkers and read it on their iphones they've modded with a tiny tophat:

Noted Archivist Seeks Steampunks to Index
World Fantasy Award winner Jeff VanderMeer's The Steampunk Bible, published by Abrams Image, will provide a comprehensive and lavish overview of all aspects of Steampunk, in text and pictures. Research for this momentous and globe-spanning project includes the compilation of a comprehensive Archive of, and Index to, everything and everyone Steampunk and Steampunk-Related. This Archive will be made public online, and you also might be contacted about appearing in the book.
If you would like a website or blog link, book or brick-and-mortar establishment, to be considered for the archive, please send the relevant information to Master Archivist S.J. Chambers (steampunkbible at gmail.com) or to The Steampunk Bible, c/o Jeff VanderMeer, POB 4248, Tallahassee, FL 32315 USA. Make sure to include a short paragraph describing your submission and your complete contact information. Although the Master Archivist's extensive list of ongoing clockwork projects makes it impossible to guarantee a reply, you may be sure she will give each missive intense scrutiny. As part of a Larger Study, please consider including Your Personal Definition of Steampunk with your email message or snail mail parcel. Rest assured, the Master Archivist and her minions are also out in the World, actively seeking Steampunks for the greater glory of the Archive.


Jesse Moynihan said...

I had a long running theory that Family Matters was a spin-off of Die Hard. I let myself believe that for many years until I checked on the characters names and found that Reginald VelJohnson's name in Diehard was Sgt. Al Powell, and in Family Matters it was Carl Otis Winslow.

pete. said...

I always assumed that too. This is another example of the internet ruining everything. It's also why I won't google my own name; the last thing I need to find out is that my life isn't a spin-off of DIE HARD.