Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays.

Whatever rituals your ancestors were into, enjoy them, or enjoy avoiding them and revel in your contemporary knowledge while laughing at ghosts. Also, happy new year.

C&D drawing for Arthur.

Too Many Mikes drawing for the podcast. I believe the show hasn't officially started as they have to get the mayor of San Francisco's wife to break a bottle of champagne over their mp3 compression software or something, but there's a sort of pilot episode up, and it is hilarious. Fake Dracula voices is almost always the key to my humor heart.


Madeleine Bliss said...

your colors are really incredible! the skies are my favorite part, probably because they are so planetary.

i'll be enjoying the ritual of seafood and church. yay.

gunsakimbo said...

Happy YaYa!
~Rabbi Wolf