Friday, February 19, 2010

Paws Part 1.

9 page preview of my new comic PAWS on the ARTHUR BLOG.

I know I already posted this on my 200 other blogs, and I was going to make a joke about not being able to remember things that referenced MEMENTO, but I was all 'Hey me, the 90's are over. No one cares about MEMENTO anymore. You don't even see screencaps of it on Tumblr. And besides, it was just the serious version of that Dana Carvey movie where he wakes up every day unable to remember the day before. I think that movie was called something like BLANK SLATE but I know we're both too lazy to google it, and will forget even talking about it in 5 to 10 minutes. How weird is it that Hollywood used to make Dana Carvey vehicles? Remember that one where he finds a rich dude's wallet and steals his identity? They should make a serious version of that with Gerard Butler, and Russell Crowe, IDENTITY THIEF, and get Ridley Scott to direct it.'

I'm going to put PAWS up on my site in 9 page 'chapters' so hopefully by next month 18 pages will be up. At some point I'd like to do one of those page at a time weekly webcomics, but as the winter winds down, I barely have the energy or will to eat once a week, so updating my site every 7 days would be an Olympian task. Actually, I'm assuming webcomics will be an Olympic event within the next 20 years or so. Not that I'm going to compete. I'll be kind of old by then. But I will wear my American flag running suit, sit in front of my TV and cheer you on as you draw stick figures and make fun of whatever videogame you're playing. If I have a TV in 20 years. I'm not saying TVs will be replaced in the future, I'm just saying there's a chance I won't own one. I am not psychic. Though we can all guide the future with our minds in a lot of ways, and right now I am going to use my mind to guide myself towards a future where I remember how to write blog posts again.


Stanley Lieber said...

future without tv?????

pete. said...

as predicted by HG Welles in, like, all his books.

Stanley Lieber said...

knew that guy was a fascist

Roshan said...

I was thinking the other day about hwy I never got into any of those Act-i-vate webcomics, and I think it was the one page at a time format. (that's how they did it, right?) I mean, 22 page stories are arbitrary enough, but at least it's enough time to include something like a beginning, middle, and en end(ing) cliffhanger. But with one page it's like, Panel 3: "my name is...Pete"Panel 4: Shocked expressions, a zepellin explodes in the background. To be continued. It's annoying.

the word verification I had to enter for this comment was "syneu". Is that even a word?

pete. said...

That's why I never really got into those comics either. I think people are starting to realize this, or agree with us (people have been nodding their heads at me when I walk down the street recently). Activate actually started posting their comics in chunks. And the web comics I like, like FORMING or Bodyworld either have really dense pages or update with 40 pages at a time. Arthur and that whatthingsdo site update with more pages too. Granted, if you take your script and replace 'Pete' with 'Wolverine' you just described like 6 issues of X MEN, so it's probably relative.

Blogger might be preparing you to become the last starfighter by slowly feeding you alien languages.

Anonymous said...

this is really good. i want to see you do an animation of this, though it might take many lifetimes, but i'm sure you can find a spambot to finish it up for you.

pete. said...

I think I've mentioned this before but I'm training my dog to train her heirs to love money enough that they will attempt to milk any thing I created after I die. So at least some things that I start will get finished. Though once those dogs realize there's no money in it, they may give up.

I always start doing animations and then I give up. The attention span of animators has to be some sort of mutation.