Thursday, March 11, 2010

Diamond 5.

The Deal: Floating World Comics puts out a comic-newspaper thing called DIAMOND. It is always awesome. They put together a new one that's in full color, which means three things:

1: I know people are used to black and white newsprint comics, only expecting to see color cartoons on Sunday. With a full color newspaper you can pretend every day is Sunday. Show it to your boss, never go to work again. It's Sunday, man. Spend all your time celebrating the end of the weekend. Watching football, drinking beer and crying in your car in the church parking lot, whatever it is you normally do on a Sunday, this gives you the opportunity to do it forever.

2: I won't have to find every comic store in New York that carries it and spend hours coloring all the copies in with crayons, leaving me to devote more time to my true calling, doing that to as many copies of the New York Post and b&w indie comics from the 90's as I can find everyday.

3: It costs more money to print.

So they're asking for donations to help make all those things possible. I've seen most of the issue and it's great. The dude that put it together, Jason Leivian, has excellent taste, and is insanely good to cartoonists. One time, I complained about a pack of small dogs in my neighborhood barking and keeping me up at night, and he flew to New Jersey and murdered them with his bare hands. While watching a shirtless man hold a chihuahua over his head and tear it in half seems like something you'd never want to see, as the blood hit his face and he muttered 'Yo quiero Taco Bell, now?', I realized the true beauty in helping people, and violence, and the need to destroy the corporate advertising we've had shoved in our heads by any means necessary, if just for a moment.

Pledge if you want: I have a comic in there as does Stanley Lieber, Benjamin Marra, Derek Ballard, Michael Deforge, Panayiotis Terzis, and Cleon Peterson.

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