Wednesday, March 24, 2010



Anonymous said...

this post made me feel like i went a very long journey that involved:

>> a motown conan the barbarian
>> a south american jesus in a new re-make of gremlins shot in japan
>> australia
>> alan moore having an ichat conversation with a cool girl

gunsakimbo said...

the fucking chat one is so funny I can't stop laughing

Tommy said...

This has all been very interesting, but do you realize there are a few typos in your posts?

pete. said...

Oh, Tommy, you're wild.

Greetings from New Jersey,
Pete (aka xxiluvny97)

Don Rosa said...

I think I have to join Tumblr to comment on Tumblr. That's not really something I'm willing to do. What I AM willing to do is comment HERE on your BLOG about things that happen HERE on your Tumblr.



That's the word I've created to convey how much I enjoyed your description of Portland Oregon, even though I don't have any idea what 'bristol board' is.

pete. said...


The tumblr commenting system is such that even if you had an account I'm not sure you could comment anyway. Or I couldn't reply. Or it would have to be a video comment made mostly using after effects or something.

My knowledge about Portland is mostly second hand from friends that live there, but I briefly visited about 11 years ago and not surprisingly stayed with metal heads that were into comics. I have also shaved my beard off and mailed it there to be with it's own kind, and from our correspondence, it seems like a good city.