Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The first 22 pages of PAWS are now up on the Arthur Magazine blog in their GreenerMags comics viewer which is essentially the Imax of comics viewers. You know, if the internet was a movie theater, and webcomics were movies, and I was a Hollywood creative type and spent all my money on Na'vi costumes for my butler and maid, and they got kind of angry because they had finally gotten used to serving me while dressed as Lord of the Rings characters, and the blue makeup just gets everywhere, and hypothetical situations were real.

I think it looks really good like this and is much easier to read than my own website which I build by opening Dreamweaver and yelling and moaning and rolling around on the floor until an ambulance shows up and I ask a random paramedic to FTP a bunch of jpgs.

The rest of the Arthur comics are at the link as well, and are pretty much all totally awesome.

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S.J. Chambers said...

I think it's funny that Josh is loquacious in other people's dreams. I knew he had it in him somewhere. : )