Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Re Up.

Sometimes when I can't hear something someone said I'm like 'Re-up? Re-up?' And they stare at me blankly while I think, 'Oh please remember I said this to you in three years when everyone else is using the same expression, so that somewhere in the back of your mind you will think of me as a 'futurist' like HG Welles or Dennis Gabor or Bob Gale. And one day when you're trying to get your future children to watch BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 because you remember it as a 'great movie' from when you were a kid, and they don't really want to watch it because it's old, and you're like 'no, I used to love this' and then you put it on your 3-D tv set and it slowly dawns on you that it is really horrible. And you start to realize your kids hate you for a reason, and you really wish they didn't, but it's not their fault, or your ex-wife's fault, or anyone's fault but your own, you and your blinding nostalgia. Jesus Christ, your whole fucking life is a lie? Maybe, maybe not. But how can you tell if you're really seeing anything clearly? You'll never know. And then you'll be like, "hey remember that guy, Pete Toms? He had a nice beard for a while."

As I've mentioned elsewhere, I put the first 21 pages of PAWS up here.

That's just less than half of how long I think the comic is going to be. I put 21 pages up because when I originally wrote the script for this thing it was 21 pages long. I still have that draft. And going by it , I'd be on page 3. Which probably doesn't mean anything to anyone else, but I've realized that drawing comics (probably like making most art) is essentially developing compulsions, and imaginary rules and then sticking to them. Every cartoonist has their own style, and way of working, and rules about working, and page layout and sound effects, and thought bubbles and what looks good, and what they're trying to say, man and spend hours using these to create incredibly detailed imaginary worlds, that usually attempt to communicate 800 things in the half second it takes to read a panel, and then people on the internet wonder why they usually go insane mid-career.

I'm just saying that I'm probably well on my way to insanity. And I should've known PAWS was going to be longer than 21 pages when I forced myself to write what I wanted the 'theme' of the comic to be and I rambled on for 10 pages. Though admittedly, most of my personal writing are asides, allusions to old Spider-Man comics, and inside jokes I share with my dog.

I have a comic in the totally awesome DIAMOND 5 anthology. I talked a little more about it on my tumblr.

Below is a 4 page comic I did for a zine:

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