Sunday, September 19, 2010

In Tokyo.

My body may remain somewhat erotically rolling around atop metaphorical and sleeveless Bon Jovi tour t-shirts in the confused weather, and left-over 90s suburban ennui that encompasses pre-Autumnal northern New Jersey. My mind may remain wrapped up in leaves of vague depression and slight rage that rest inside of a rolling paper of general sadness, forming a cigarette-shaped emotion that fills the cigarette-shaped hole in my life since I quit smoking. But pictures I took are on display at Alin Huma's FdC gallery space in Tokyo (link to facebook page where I took above pics from).

Alin is another one of those guys that's always putting together awesome and interesting stuff. Anything he does is totally worth checking out.

You know when you're doing or experiencing something and you didn't realize that you actually wanted to do it until it happens? Maybe you randomly pick up an apple from your fridge and it's not until you bite into it that you realize that you really wanted to eat an apple. No other foodstuff would have soothed your appetite in quite the same, almost poetic, way. Or you've been putting off getting exercise, but you end up having to walk somewhere and it feels really good, and you promise to walk everywhere all the time. And you go home and start pouring lighter fluid on your car, while waving around a sparkler in a 'celebration of leg energy' before you notice how tired you are, and that you forgot to take your medication. That's how I felt seeing that second picture of hip dudes in Tokyo chilling in front of a large pic of me shirtless wearing a paper mask and a cape. A dream I never realized I had was totally fulfilled.

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