Thursday, September 30, 2010


I've mentioned this elsewhere (on tumblr, on twitter, on a dream horse made of stars whispering into the ear of the ghost of a civil war general who had my mom's voice, to my dog) but there's an interview with me up on the awesome escape from suicide wolf forest blog.


Anonymous said...

this interview had me ROFL like the nutty nut (peanut? almond?) that i am

also, congratulations on the tokyo show. i wrote a comment when you posted that up, but it didn't get through, & i was too sleepy to battle the blogspot warrior bots to try again

pete. said...

it was the same set photos he had had up in his previous space, so it's not really a big deal. but it is actually pretty soothing while I'm working my 12 hour shifts as a gravel driveway inspector to just think-rap, 'though my hands may now be scarred by the thousands of tiny rocks i clasp in them daily / once they took photos that are now hanging in a large japanese city.'