Saturday, November 6, 2010

Monetary Dreddsperation.

I drew this picture for my friend, quiet, multi-media entertainer Michael. Apparently his friend and ex-co-podcast-host (they hosted the Too Many Mikes podcast before the events at their Winterland Ballroom show which had Michael speaking the words to The Stooges' 'No Fun' and then dismantling the podcast and striking out on a solo career) has birthdays and also celebrates them. Besides that, he apparently is also a fan of Judge Dredd.

Up until now my only real interaction with British culture has been a trip to New Jersey's theme dining experience Medieval Times. So I wasn't that familiar with Dredd. Seeing as Michael kindly paid me $40 though, I got familiar. After over 8 minutes of googling, I became something of a Judge Dredd expert, and drew the piece you see above.

My point: For a little while you too can pay me $40 to draw something. Just tell me what you want, and I will send you a digital file containing a hi res, full page (10.5 x 7in), full color drawing. Portraits of you or Sonic the Hedgehog or of you embracing Sonic the Hedgehog passionately, or Sonic the Hedgehog packing your Mom's bags and telling her to move out of the house while you decorate the basement however you want, all available to you. Just drop me an email: godownmatthew (at) 

Or you can use Paypal if you'd rather do that:


Anonymous said...

I want to buy your work (and am still wanting to buy that 'this is a knife, wait a comb' shirt), but I have no $$, either. I'm a shut-in, as a result

pete. said...

I totally understand. I haven't left my apartment or purchased anything in about 2 years.