Wednesday, April 20, 2011



I have a friend who
whenever I say something funny says,
"What movie is that from?"


The Rise of the Planet of the Apes Trailer

james franco gives apes smart pills and it makes them smart.
congrats, franco.
but it also makes them so, so angry.
oh no, dude.


Online Criticism Part 4.

I hate poems that are about writing poems.
I hate songs about singing songs.
Movies about movies about movies
are the worst.



3 Minute Pop Song

Years ago, I saw an interview clip with Bono where he said something vaguely like
'Pop songs are these small things that make you want to throw away everything and run half-way around the world just for love.'
Something, something like that.
And I thought 'Yeah, Bono, yeah, that's a cool thing to say. That seems right, or, like, it at least sounds right.'
'Like it should be right, if everything else was right.'

But the only thing that Bono's songs have ever made me want to do is walk out
of the supermarket when they come on.


Urban Marketing

Some days every day is like a 1990's Doritos commercial white kids with skateboards breakdancing and eating over-dramatically in neon colored caps.

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Anonymous said...

PLZ illustrate that last poem