Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Internet 3-D.

It took me maybe 4 years, but I was finally able to scrape enough money together to purchase a new computer. The computer I had been using was a 6 or 7 year old laptop. As technology evolved through the years, my computer and I struggled to keep up. I disabled Flash. I got used to reading websites with all of the text jumbled on top of itself. I imagined what videos were like from the thumbnail. I became more patient. I gave up being able to do advanced actions on sites like press buttons or enter text in text fields.

But eventually the gaping black boxes on most websites became gaping black holes in my soul. I was a man in 2005 watching 2011 happening in wide shot, crouching behind a barrier that suggested I update my browser. I was obsolete.

My technological leap through time has been a reawakening. Websites load moments after navigating to them. I can put my name and even my thoughts inside text fields. I can watch 1,000 hours of Youtube. I can press the 'read more' button. I can fucking infinitely scroll.

I also, for the first time, have a built-in webcam. Feeling that I should take full advantage of all the new computer has to offer, I took a picture of myself between 5 to 10 minutes after waking up every day for the last few weeks of July.

On top of owning a computer, I also own a mailbox. While I mostly get mail addressed to a guy that lived here 8 years ago, sometimes people send me things. Often after getting it I think 'I should take a picture of this and post it on my blog like other people do when they get mail.' Then I get distracted by writing COCOON fan-fiction, and wondering if AI was meant to be a sequel to THE BIG CHILL.

This was sent to me by Micheal Van Vleet and includes a mix CD with a nice handmade cover, the book THE GIRL WITH THE GOLDEN YO-YO that weirdly smells exactly like San Francisco, and a sticker that contains both a frog and a message.

This is a copy of the comic VIRGINIA that I drew and was written by Sam Humphries. He printed a few up to give out at San Diego Comic Con and they came out pretty nice looking.

My other big acquisition in July was a local library card. I have been a member of the New York Public Library for years mostly so that I can imitate that scene from GHOSTBUSTERS where they run down the library steps every time I have a late fee or a old lady tells me to be quiet. I am now able to go to the library in my town. Surprisingly they have a smaller selection than the Manhattan library. For some reason though, they do have every X-MEN trade paperback collection published between 2003-2008. I ruined some 10 year old's summer by checking them all out a couple of weeks ago. Mostly these comics are pretty forgettable, but there was a scene from one that has haunted me since I read it.

The X-Men are searching their mansion/school/headquarters for a hidden villain. Iceman and Polaris are tasked with searching the kitchen. When they get down there the kitchen contains horrified-looking, dead or dying pigs hanging from the ceiling. This is not mentioned at all in the dialogue making it seem like this is completely normal.